City : Scherpenheuvel

Province : Vlaams-Brabant

Archdiocese : Mechelen-Brussel

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Luc Van Hilst

Pastor of Scherpenheuvel

16 November 2010

Scherpenheuvel : the history

Regardless from where you come the shrine on the "sharp" hill is visible everywhere. The history of Scherpenheuvel starts centuries ago and finds its origin in an old oak tree. Most likely it had something to do with the worship of gods as practiced by the Druids.

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    Wednesday 20 August 2014

    • 08:00 Gelezen mis (basiliek)

    • 09:30 Gelezen mis (basiliek)

    • 10:30 Bedevaartmis: Vilvoorde, Heilig Hart (basiliek)

    • 13:30 Bedevaartmis: Blauwput (Kessel-lo), ziekenzorg (basiliek)

    • 15:00 Bedevaartmis: O.-L.-Vrouw Bonheiden, Ziekenzorg
      Gezongen mis (basiliek)